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Stacker apk new arcade game for android from Full Moon Games 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Stacker apk gallery: Stacker game description: Imagine a game that offers minimalism, satisfying gameplay and a relaxed challenge without ever charging you a penny or distracting you with annoying ads. Stacker has been developed from the ground-up with these principles as a central philosophy, and we invite you to experience the… read more »

AnyCrate APK for Android (New Action Game) by kirill losev 4/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item AnyCrate apk gallery: AnyCrate game description: ANYCRATE tries to make local multiplayer on mobile devices comfortable and enjoyable. Each player can JUMP and SHOOT and each of them has to use these abilities and be tactical in order to hit the opponent and become the king of game’s universe. Different characters… read more »

Extreme Trick Shot apk puzzle game from Microsoft Innovation 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Extreme Trick Shot apk gallery: Extreme Trick Shot game description: Extreme Trick Shot – a physics based puzzle game. You have a ball and there is a box, the rule of this game is simple, throw the ball into the box in one shot. Game have 100 levels for to beat,… read more »

AbyssRium apk for Android 4.4 and up from Cheetah Games 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item AbyssRium apk gallery: AbyssRium game description: Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium is a game that helps relax your nerve. Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make the Aquarium belongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you to explore! How to play? Level up the stone by… read more »

Another Weird Platformer APK Android Arcade Game Updated 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Another Weird Platformer apk gallery: Another Weird Platformer game description: Just another badly designed platformer with bad graphic. the game has only 10 levels so far, i’ll be updating it next days. i hope you enjoy it! (try to)Have Fun!!! Another Weird Platformer app details: Current Version: 1.0.6 Updated: February 18, 2017… read more »

Helicopter Rescue Simulator apk download android by Game Pickle 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Helicopter Rescue Simulator apk gallery: Helicopter Rescue Simulator game description: Take flight of some amazing rescue helicopters in a huge environment ready to explore, filled with forests, canyons, hills and mountains; more than 16 km² of area to fly around in! Complete tons of unique missions to become a professional helicopter… read more »

Elite Army Killer APK Free Game for Android 2.3 and up 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Elite Army Killer apk gallery: Elite Army Killer game description: You are the elite, a “one man army killer” who battles for the country. Aim and shoot in this realistic 3D FPS game from Top Action Games on Google Play! You are an elite member of the Top Secret SS Syndicate…. read more »

Visual Timer Apk ver 1.0.1 Android from Christoph Wiesner 4.5/5 (2)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Visual Timer apk gallery: Visual Timer game description: Visual Timer allows you to quickly setup a timer with a single tap. The visual representation of the time enables a quick perception of the current state. Work The at-a-glance depiction of time remaining helps to improve productivity and accountability. Keep tasks and… read more »

Copy Share apk download for android version 1.0 (New Tool) 4/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Copy Share apk gallery: Copy Share game description: Copy Share is a app that will add two options (copy share URL, share content) into share menu. Example: In another music app, you want copy share link a song. At this time, you will choose “Copy URL” option from share menu, this… read more »

Screenshot Sharer Apk Android App from Tomer’s apps 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Screenshot Sharer apk gallery: Screenshot Sharer game description: Long press the home button to share your screenshots. Quickest way to share screenshots. Screenshot Sharer app details: Current Version: 1.2 Updated: January 6, 2017 Requires: Android 6.0 and up Developer: Tomer’s apps Screenshot Sharer android changelog: Fixed bug where the app won’t work after… read more »

Battle Of Super Saiyan APK Fresh Action Game for Android 5/5 (2)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item Battle Of Super Saiyan apk gallery: Battle Of Super Saiyan game description: Incarnations become a superhero saiyan rescue the world. Many skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack and Monkey King Recall … and many more coming. Please become a Super Saiyan defeat the enemy. Please collect the… read more »

ScanFlirt APK New Application for Android [Dating App] 4/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item ScanFlirt apk gallery: ScanFlirt game description: Hey guys, this app is the real deal! Got tired of running and looking for beautiful girls around? This online scanner will easily find the best women just 4u! Darn, there are so many beauties in there looking for some random acquaintance that your eyes… read more »

OF Launcher APK 0.9 Android Download (Personalizer) 5/5 (1)

Rate this game/app: Sample rating item OF Launcher apk gallery: OF Launcher game description: Fast, Comfortable, Smart, Personalize, Let’s control our phone with this One Finger Launcher! Join in our Facebook Beta Group to discuss OF Launcher with us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/631133057064412/ You can search OF Launcher Beta in Facebook Fast: OF Launcher is doing everything OF your Android… read more »