Duck Hunting 2D APK Small Update for Android (Author: alphakeet)

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Duck Hunting 2D game description:

Grab your gun, sharpen your senses and lets head to the forest for the duck hunting. Be accurate and fast before the ducks fly away. Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shots of the ducks in the addictive 2D Duck Hunting game.

Lets your hunting skills do the work, dominate all the hunters of the world and become the best Duck Hunter of the season in the best epic and exciting Duck Hunting 2D game with beautiful and attractive graphics.

Duck Hunting 2D game come with the two completely different modes to play for the hunters, i.e. CLASSIC MODE and DUCK HUNTING CHAMPIONSHIP MODE.


Duck Hunting 2D Game Classic Mode contains multiple waves for users to play. Each wave has a limited time to hunt certain amount of ducks. By hunting down the ducks in less time is rewarded by 3 stars. Hunt down all the ducks using your hunting skills in the minimum time to earn 3 stars in each wave and become the best Duck Hunter.

Be Careful!!! Hunting down the other birds will cause the ultimate failure of the level.

Gear up and hunt down the ducks in Duck Hunting 2D game. Complete all the levels with three stars to become the ultimate Duck Hunter!!!!


Duck Hunting 2D Game Championship Mode will remind you the legendary duck hunting game. In the game championship or infinity mode enjoy the whole new epic duck hunting experience with a lot of great enhancements and blast of new features.

Hunt down the as many ducks as you can to increase the game level and score highest without missing any duck or shooting the birds other than duck that will lead to the lost of life.

Get the extra life to stay in the championship by shooting the OSTRICH in the game to achieve high scores in the game. The game difficulty increases with the level increase in the championship mode of the game.

In the game, upgrade the hunting shot gun to hunt the ducks more easily to score the highest to dominate the world leaderboard of the Duck Hunters in both CLASSIC MODE and CHAMPIONSHIP MODE of the game.

Main game features include:

– Epic Game Graphics & 2D Game Play
– Multiple Game Controls Options – Tap to Shoot & Gun Controller
– Multiple Game Modes
– Beautiful Game Play Backgrounds
– Entertaining Sounds
– Multiple Game Scores Leaderboard

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Duck Hunting 2D app details:

  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Updated: February 24, 2017
  • Requires: Android 2.3 and up
  • Developer: alphakeet

Duck Hunting 2D android changelog:

  • Experience the exciting fun 2D Duck Hunting with the game major update. In this game new version, we’ve done a lot of new improvements including:
  • New waves included in the classic mode
  • Weapon upgrades are available for better hunting experience
  • New Duck Hunting Championship Mode is available
  • Multiple Game Play controls are included for the players
  • Graphics enhancement & Optimization performed
  • Known bugs and game issues are resolved
  • Removed the un-necessary permission & much more

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