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About Horoscope

Horoscope – Zodiac signs
Chinese Zodiac horoscope apps free by date of birth for 2017 daily
Mayan divination
Chinese predictions
Druid signs Spanish horoscopo
Personal Oracul in hindi tradition
Libra daily horoscope
My sun sign of zodiac future predictions are fortune forecast tool with daily divination.
We are based on the next constellation
andromeda, Antlia, Apus, Aquila, Ara, Auriga, Caelum.
We have zodiac signs in orion horoscopes for free: Aries,,♏ Scorpio♉ Taurus, Gemini,♋ Cancer, Leo,♍ Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Сapricorn,♒ Aquarius Pisces
Chinese Signs Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey 2016 Rooster 2017 Dog Pig
Be with horoskope every day. Future determination will help you to plan day and week or month. Tell you friends mistic daily horoscope with friends via social networks vk, snapster and other.
Application goroskope can check monthly tips, acquaintance prediction, acquaintances for advice, future horoskope divinations of zodiac compatibility, amor friendship and love compatibility.
In what way do you want to improve your fortune? We will give you a star answer.
Tarot is a mistic guide to help you with your fatum.

The theme of application is very user friendly. We have introduced system of
features requested by user. This mean that our clients can ask us to create any feature.
We have added in ru locale name mistic, numerology,
name secret, blood mystery,
natal analysis.

For well over a thousand years the Almagest was taken as the last word on the stars. So we use astronomy science for our tips. The surrounding of stars, sun, earth, venera and sumontestgam asteroids take part in our lifes.
In spite of the fact that stellar positions were updated from time to time no astronomer had made any lasting addition to Ptolemy’s constellation list.

Our cool free application provides daily, weekly, and yearly predictions for you, social friends, family, and acquaintances.
Any Zodiak sign is available : – Aries, – Taurus, – Gemini, – Cancer, – Leo, – Virgo, – Libra, – Scorpio, – Sagittarius, – Capricorn, – Aquarius, & – Pisces.
For all interested forecasts of astrology.
With orion horoscope portal you will get access to accurate horoscope for 2017 year any time every where.
Why is this app awesome?
With horoscopes we provide moon calendar by date, zodiac sign compatibility, online tarot readings for divinations on love & useful astrological information.
Themes are love life, health, body care, career, money ganing, relationships and a lot of other metrics.

Good Reasons to Download this App

Astrology forecasts are Accurate .
We have only best professional team of magic astronoms, astrologers and oraculs.
Horoscopes teams are very detailed from every sphere of our life.
Learn your current and future to find out the most efficient algoritm to behave.
Next periods of time –> today, tomorrow, week, month. Face your destiny and turn it over reality.

Your social network friends horoscopes.

21 Northern Constellations

Corona Borealis,Serpens, Andromeda,Perseus, Aquila, Auriga, Sagitta,Boötes, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Cygnus, Delphinus, Draco, Equuleus, Hercules, Lyra, Ophiuchus, Pegasus, Ursa Minor, Triangulum, Ursa Major

15 Southern Constellations

Corona Australis, Lepus,Hydra,Ara, Argo Navis, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Centaurus, Cetus, Corvus, Crater, Eridanus, Lupus, Orion, Pisces Austrinus

– Daily tips for defferent parts of our lifes.
– Mayan
– Druids
– Chinese signs
– Japanese wizdom
– Oracul for personal questions.

Dear friends. Feel free to ask questions and send us your wishes.
Orion team.
Check out our incredible Horoscope

Horoscope APK details:

  • Current Version: 3.9
  • Updated: April 11, 2017
  • Requires: 4.0.3 and up
  • Developer: Cartoon and Caricature Masquerade


  • Personal oracle added.
  • Smart watch support.
  • Mistic video blog

Download Horoscope apk the latest version:


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