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About Larky-Smart alarm app for early waking/wake up app

Are you tired of hitting snooze often on the alarm clock and dozing off to sleep?
Is getting up early in the morning turning into a difficult task?

Your worries stop right here, as we have just the app for you: Larky – the best way to wake up early.

Larky is a smart alarm app that makes early waking a fun and enjoyable activity rather than something that’s difficult and boring. It works by not giving an alternate option to go back to sleep (like snooze). Once you wake up, you need to complete an activity (a small, fun game) for the alarm to get dismissed. With Larky, you don’t need to set multiple alarms and keep snoozing until you wake up. One alarm is enough to wake up on time, unlike other apps for waking up. You need to play games to dismiss alarms, making it fun to use. It also has some cool features like challenging your friend to wake up at a particular time – bringing in accountability and competition to early waking. All of the above are reasons why Larky is the best way to wake up early

How Larky app works:

1) Set auto-repeat alarms: Set alarm at the time at which you want to wake up each day. These alarms auto-repeat at certain days of the week as per your setting e.g. weekdays only / Tuesdays only etc.
2) Play a game to dismiss alarm: When the alarm clock rings, you need to play a fun game to dismiss the alarm. When you complete the game, you would have spent enough time awake that you would have woken up without effort. You will also earn points for waking up and completing the game. The app currently has two games that you can play – ‘only blue’ and ‘math puzzle’ (unlocked at level 2).
3) Get rewarded for getting up early: When you wake up and complete the activity ( a small game), you earn points. You also get points for growing your day streak.
4) Level up and unlock new games & other features: Earn more points to move up to next levels. When you move up a level, you unlock a new game / other features on the app.
5) Challenge friends: You can challenge your friends to wake up earlier than you. Once your friend accepts the challenge, whoever wakes up first is the winner of the day. After 3 days, the one with the most daily wins will be the winner of the challenge. The winner of challenge earns bonus points.

Why choose Larky over other wake up apps:

✓ It wakes you up without fail –

Larky is designed such that you successfully wake up. It does this by not providing any alternative option to go back to sleep (like snooze etc.). You will have to complete a fun game for the alarm to be dismissed, ensuring that you wake up.

✓ Play with friends –

Larky is the only alarm app on Android where you can enjoy the experience of waking up early in the morning along with friends. Playing with friends also brings in accountability and competition, increasing the likelihood of successfully waking up.

✓ Fun to use –

Larky is designed to make waking up early a joyful experience through games, points, levels, streak and the opportunity to play with your friends.

✓ Designed to cultivate a habit –

Larky has been designed using proven principles like habit loop (cue -> routine -> reward) to ensure the habit is cultivated through reinforcement everyday. Use the app for 21-45 days and you are likely to develop this habit without much difficulty or effort.

Tips on waking up early successfully with Larky:

■ You will have to sleep on time to ensure you wake up early without losing sleep. Set up a 2nd Larky alarm in the night only to remind yourself to go to bed on time.
■ Playing Friend’s challenge with people who wake up at the same time as you (gym buddies / colleague who carpools with you to office etc.) increases likelihood of success.

What are you waiting for? Install Larky on your smartphone, it’s the best way to wake up early.
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Larky-Smart alarm app for early waking/wake up app APK details:

  • App Name: Larky-Smart alarm app for early waking/wake up app
  • Current Version: 1.1.7
  • Price: Check in PlayStore
  • Updated: 1531463340000
  • Content Rating: Everyone
  • Android Version: 5.0 and up
  • Mirror: Openload
  • Developer: FunSwitch Technologies

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