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Panther Hero Returns: Crime City Rescue Mission Apk by Simulator 3d driving games : Best Simulation 2016


About Panther Hero Returns: Crime City Rescue Mission

A crime city battle started in your city. Mafia super villains destroyed the peace of your city. An uproar has been caused. To ruin the super villains a multi panther hero is required who can help the citizens. It’s going to be one tough city avenger hero vs crime city battle. There are no rules of fight. You have to win before the mafia gangster, smash the city. One of the most dangerous mafia gangster games of all times.

In panther hero returns crime city rescue mission the grand immortal gods have created a terror. The mafia syndicate spread its furious wings. Only a real superhero who has been from a survival battle ground can help in this situation. All legendary fighter such as the fidget ninja hero, shadow panther, black tiger hero, panther star war hero, armored dark hero, black panther hero and the panther light hero are welcomed to take part in the panther superhero battleground.

The panther hero returns crime city rescue mission is the best hero adventure fight 2018. Terrorist team created a web shadow of evilness in the city. All act of violence such as plane hijack, bank heist, and robberies have been done. Rules of fighting are not to be followed to defeat the super villain. The most hyped shadow battle of super hero vs super villains. The cipher hero will be providing you with the information about the whereabouts of the villain. New York City superhero is responsible for the safety of his fellow city men. Save hostages life from the plane hijack.

Train superhero for battle, panther super hero, panther flying hero and city survival hero having the furious panther and wild panther traits will help you in the mission. True superhero fight, crime fighter are in for some real wild mortal battle. A fearless fighter who can do crime petrol for the city night crime. Vegas immortal gangsters rule the streets of city during the night time. The police patrols the street during the night. Police transform robot battle will also be going side by side.

Panther hero returns also offers kung fu fighting games for the kung fu fighter who can be a street fighter as well. You have to defeat all kung fu rivals. It will test your fighting techniques in the bank robbery vs crime city. Flying panther along with the grand superhero will be leading the city battle street fighting operation. Street crime fighter trained by the professional street fighter alone is unable to fight off the villains so incredible superheroes hand in hand will fight super hero street wars. Super multi panther is all-rounder fighter either as a panther shadow assassins superhero, amazing hero and real black panther is ready for the final panther robot war.

You are on a flying city rescue mission between gangster city mafia. Flying panther superhero city war is full of action. Flying panther game is for all the thrill seekers. If fond of playing with the fidget spinner then this city rescue mission is for you. Grand panther flying skills will also be tested in the superhero city battle game. Gangsters’ city battle is for the people with brave heart as the mafia won’t let you back out in any case. Don’t think of it as a comic rivals battle, as it’s the last day battleground for the enemy. During the battle city fatal fight. This deadly city survival war is your priority as it’s a revenge of black panther.

Panther hero returns is a superhero vs transform robot battle. Flying city gangster crime fight will bring out the superhero city warrior in you. Show off the superhero panther flying skills. Super hero vs super villains will fight for the vice town crime spreading in the city. Previously there has been a ninja infinity battle avenger war which was won by the heroes. Super flying panther hero is man of justice who will actively take part in the panther hero fighting. Super hero time is just like the hero-games with real hero speed, you used to play in your childhood. In this city survival game put all effort for your victory.

Panther Hero Returns: Crime City Rescue Mission APK details:

  • App Name: Panther Hero Returns: Crime City Rescue Mission
  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Price: Check in PlayStore
  • Updated: February 12, 2018
  • Content Rating: Everyone
  • Android Version: 4.0 and up
  • Mirror: Openload
  • Developer: Simulator 3d driving games : Best Simulation 2016


  • *** In-app purchases added
  • *** User Interface links updated

Download Panther Hero Returns: Crime City Rescue Mission apk the latest version:

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